Welcome to Ceris' Server Emulator, Orchis!

Here's a list of what works:

In addition to the above, some characters have received mods to make them stronger and/or more viable in endgame content. Currently, the information about these changes can be found in the #orchis-mods-summary channel of the Discord, but will eventually be made available elsewhere.

If you want to quickly receive all characters and two of every dragon, go to Settings -> Help/Support -> Leave Feedback, set it to "Save Modifications", and enter "Characters" (without the quotation marks, and with the capital C). Be warned that doing so will wipe all your team layouts.
For all weapons or wyrmprints, do the same, except with the keyword "Weapons" or "Wyrmprints".
To be added to the Cherrymint Guild if you aren't already, use "Guild".

Here's the "how-to" on setting up:

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If you have any other questions, you can find me on Discord @ Ceris#2530

A massive thank you to dreadfullydistinct, LukeFZ, and Nano for all of their help! Orchis wouldn't be anywhere near as far along without their insight.